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November 1, 2020

Dear Passholders & Friends of Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas Golf Clubs:

We depend on weather very much during every month of the year. During summer, the sun and rain assist us with increasing the Bermuda grass coverage and reducing our commercial water bill. During the fall we require sun, water and grass seed to provide that wonderful green that our winter visitors and residents appreciate so much. Over the past few days, we’ve already experienced 2 frost delays, delays earlier than we’ve ever seen before. I’m hoping that this is not a premonition of the upcoming winter. Come on heat – stay with us!!

Overseed at Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas are both completed, and the new winter grasses have come in well for the winter golfing season. I’ve had several customers ask; how much is our seed bill this fall for Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas combined? So, we’ll have a little contest before I provide that answer. The person that comes closest, without going over the total amount of the combined fall seed bill for Canoa & Torres will receive 5 free rounds of golf. Rules and one entry form will be available at the Canoa Ranch Golf Shop. One entry form per guest will be accepted.

For those who have played Canoa Ranch lately, you may have noticed that the water feature in the lake on hole #9 is now operational. My thanks to Chad’s team for their repair work!

Our 2021 Passholder plan was released on Monday August 10th, with great results so far. 2021 passholder sales are 5.6% above last year’s sales to date. Thank you to those Passholders who have renewed already! Every year we offer a special incentive of free guest passes to those Passholders who renew early.

The single most challenging issue associated with COVID-19 for us has been the expectation that everyone gets a single cart. While we have been able to occasionally accommodate customer single cart requests when our golfing play has been light on that day, we certainly will not be able to accommodate these requests after overseed is completed and our winter guests start arriving again. Thus, we are migrating to a new golf and dining room policy effective when we reopen after overseed at both Torres Blancas and Canoa Ranch. The policy is posted on our websites. Click here for Canoa Ranch and Click here for Torres Blancas

The Canoa Ranch Grill on the Green reopened on Monday October 5th for lunch and dinner. The Canoa Ranch “take-out” window is still available 11am – 6pm daily by calling 520-393-1933 with your order, or by ordering at the to-go window on the east side of the Canoa Ranch Clubhouse. Restaurants are struggling nationwide; your support is very important to our success.

A two-stage reopening – Monday September 21st for the bar only, and then Tuesday November 10th for the Torres Blancas Abrego Grill, dinner only to start with. Go ahead and mark your calendars!

Chef Alex and Manager Lynn will be offering a dine-in and a take-out option for Thanksgiving this year at Canoa Ranch Grill on The Green. I strongly encourage reservations for the dine-in and the take-out options. Dine-in will be limited to available seating, complying with government restaurant mandates. Detailed information will be emailed to all customers on Monday evening November 2nd.

Results for the Sat Sep 5th Beat the Staff – congrats to all golfers:
Gross – 1st place with 54; John Vayre, Butch Helle, Tom Poore & Tom Harris
              2nd place with 59; Ralph Butz, Bill Phinney, Bill Backensto & Dave Siliven
              3rd place with 60; John Jackson, Tod Merrill, Larry Mediger & Luke Coker

Net –     1st place with 53.8; Allison & Craig Allyson, Jen & Jerry Morningstar
              2nd place with 53.9; Dean Hebb, Kathie Ledesma, Denise Pape & Gerrett Pape
              3rd place with 54.8; Jim Berault, Chris Trospo, Jennifer Trospo & Keith Keiner

Results for the Sat Oct 10th Oktoberfest & lunch event – congrats to all golfers:
Flight 1 – 1st place with a score of 63; Craig & Allison Duran, Jen & Jerry Morningstar
                2nd place with 66; Rhonda, Tony & Anton Kochevar & Lynn Renspurger
                3rd place with 68; Bob & Mar Stephenson, Mary & Steve Miller.
                3rd place tie with 68; Barb & Kelsie Bennett and Kurt & Jo Palowez

Flight 2 – 1st place with a 70; Rick & Karen Hoen, Dan McGuire & Ed Hulobowitch
                2nd place with 74; Dave & Velma Whittier, Linda & Floyd Libby
                3rd place with 77; Bonnie & Tim Wollin, Phillis Watson & Don Dumont
                4th place with 79; Kellie Gauer & Jeff White, Mike & Julie Dallman

Mark your calendar for future events:
  • Fri Nov 6, 4-6PM CR Golf Tips & Happy Hour Sips – signup at Canoa Ranch Proshop
  • Sat Nov 7, 8AM registration - Canoa, Red, White & Blue, Passholder/Guest golf & lunch

This month’s golf quote comes from Arnold Palmer, "Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” Golf as in life, requires our total effort – have a great Thanksgiving.

As always, my thanks to all of you for the support you provide and the patience you have had as we continue to make improvements at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas. Be safe, and enjoy life and your golfing experience with us!

Mike Cochran - General Manager
Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas
520-352-1031 (office)


Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas Golf and Dining Policies

Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas continue to actively monitor CDC and AZ guidelines for COVID-19. We make periodic procedural adjustments to maintain as safe an environment as possible for golfers, guests in our dining facilities, for visitors and our employees.


  • At this time, the clubhouse is limited to 50% capacity, or about 45 people in either the Canoa Ranch or Torres Blancas dining rooms.
  • For the safety of all guests and our staff, all guests entering the clubhouse will be required to have a face mask/face covering. Guests who request use of the Canoa Ranch banquet room must also abide by the 50% capacity (45 persons) requirement, and must maintain social distancing. Masks or face coverings may only be removed while actually dining inside and seated at a table. Tables will be spaced or marked appropriately.
  • Reservations for dining are highly recommended, and will minimize waiting near other incoming customers.
  • We will continue to regularly clean high touch areas both within and while entering the dining areas.


  • Due to availability, we cannot guarantee single rider golf carts. Foursomes will be provided 2 golf carts. Threesomes will be provided 2 carts, and may be paired with a single player to share a cart. Single players should be prepared to share a cart. We reserve the right to pair golfers up.
    • It is the responsibility of the person booking the tee time to fully communicate these procedures to all golfers/guests in their party in advance to arriving at Canoa Ranch or Torres Blancas.
  • We reserve the right to pair golfers up. If you have less than four players and would like to guarantee that you do not get paired up, you are welcome to pay for the entire foursome. The value of a tee time slot is 4 times the green fee.
  • Playing as a foursome will be much more comfortable from a pace of play standpoint as our courses move at a foursome pace, not a twosome pace.
    We encourage public players to pay for greens fees via our website, thus minimizing credit card handling.
  • Masks are recommended while riding in the golf cart, as customers cannot maintain physical distancing requirements in the carts. Outside of the cart, the game of golf is very conducive to being able to maintain 6 feet of space. Masks are not required on the driving range or practice putting greens, if maintaining social distance – but if unable to do so please wear your mask.
  • Golf is a game of respect. We ask that all our guests respect their fellow players and the employees of Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas Golf Clubs by following our procedures so we can enjoy both golf and dining in a safe manner.
    We are subject to charge No-Shows, if you need to cancel 1, 2, or 3 players please do so at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a No-Show charge.
  • We also recommend that you not; touch the flagstick, touch other players equipment, trade off driving the cart. Please feel free to lift/clean/place your ball if in a bunker with no penalty at this time.
  • Refunds or rain checks will not be issued for those who arrive and will not share a golf cart.
  • If you do not feel you can comply with these procedures, please do not book a tee time, cancel the tee time you have or change your tee time to a less busy time when you might feel safer.