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March 28, 2017

Dear Members & Friends of Canoa Ranch Golf Club and Torres Blancas Golf Club

It’s hard to imagine that April 1st is almost here, and that our winter season will have passed by so quickly. So many things have occurred during this season.

We started with the December 4, 2016 fire at Canoa Ranch which resulted in the Canoa Ranch clubhouse being unavailable to us for the entire winter season. I thank our Canoa Ranch maintenance, golf, and food & beverage employees for their determination and can do attitude while providing a great golfing experience without our clubhouse. I certainly thank all our members and public players for continuing to support Canoa Ranch during this challenging season. Arturo and his maintenance team have completed bunker improvements to 10 of 29 greenside bunkers.

Many a comment has been expressed about the increase in golf and food & beverage prices since January 1st. Proposition 206 was on the Arizona November ballot, successfully passed, and had an immediate impact to the Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas operations. One item included in Prop 206 was an immediate increase in the minimum hourly wage from $8.05 to $10, which is a 20% wage increase. Our business, like all others within Arizona, increased prices and streamlined processes to compensate for a 20% increase in direct labor costs.

During this same January to March period, Torres Blancas has experienced a phenomenal golf and food & beverage season. Multiple improvements have been made during this season. We have repaired all exterior clubhouse parking lot and pedestrian lighting surrounding the Torres Blancas clubhouse. Multiple improvements have been made to the kitchen equipment, and a new menu was put in place so thanks go out to Chef Alex and his kitchen staff. Pat and the front of the house team has provided great service to our many restaurant customers, even adding live music from Angel Perez. Jason’s maintenance team has completed improvements to 19 of 30 greenside bunkers, installed a new irrigation computer, and initiated a major trimming effort. Dale and the Torres golf shop personnel are great at welcoming customers as they arrive. The Torres Blancas clubhouse exterior has been patched, and prepped for painting, with painting to be completed by approximately April 15th. We have also replaced all toilet fixtures in clubhouse, and on-course except at #16.

Subsequent to our December 4th fire at Canoa Ranch we witnessed a quick response to demolition of the affected areas within the clubhouse. After the demolition, we have experienced a couple setbacks. First, our application to provide a burger and hotdog outside BBQ operation at Canoa Ranch was turned down by the Pima County Health Department. Our food plan was deemed acceptable, but we were turned down because “we would be cooking in the open air” over an extended period of time. This was appealed and we were turned down again, even though our actual proposal was deemed acceptable. The inventory process has been a challenge, and we have been fortunate that we had good records to substantiate golf shop and food inventories in addition to physical property such as tables and chairs. During this same inventory process, physical building plans were developed and submitted to Pima County Building for electrical, water/plumbing, HVAC etc. As you can imagine these plans are extensive, and were originally submitted a couple weeks ago, and submitted in a “like for like” capacity. Within the past week, a Pima County Building Inspector visited the clubhouse, with subsequent multiple changes required to plans already submitted, which meant hiring a mechanical engineer and an electrical engineer to revise already submitted plans to include much more detailed “code upgrade” changes which basically brings the kitchen, dining/bar and golf shop areas all up-to-current Pima County codes. Just to provide some insight into how complex this is, all electrical circuits must be rewired, and all HVAC systems including all rooftop units and all ductwork above the dining/bar, kitchen and golf shop areas must be completely replaced because of the incredible soot damage that was experienced.

Our previous early June probable reopening will be impacted, but we have not seen a revised project plan yet, but I would suggest we are potentially looking at some-time in July before we get occupancy and can start our move in process. As soon as we receive an updated project plan it will be shared with you.

We will start seeing restoration work start soon, which will mean additional vehicles and personnel near the clubhouse. I encourage everyone to park away from this activity, and to drive slowly while passing the clubhouse where workers will be at.

A note of congratulations is in order for Mr. Dean Hebb who won low gross in our first annual combined Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas Men’s Club Championship, with a combined 157 (77 Sat/80 Sun). Great food and prizes accompanied the event.

Upcoming member events to note on your calendars, with detailed information to be sent out soon:

Sat Apr 15, 2017 at Torres Blancas with two events on the same date
1)The Member Guest PAR3 Tournament, with members and guests requested to provide food donations for our local Green Valley Food bank and

2) our Member shopping night- great bargains and snacks

My apologies in advance for such a lengthy newsletter, but all is information I thought appropriate to be shared. As always, my thanks to all of you and the support you provide, as we continue to make improvements at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas.

Mike Cochran
General Manager – Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas